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Updated 25-03-2003

Challenger 2 Tank photographed during Army 2002
Challenger 2 Detail shots

Canadian Wasp Flame Thrower detailed walkaround
Canadian Wasp Flame Thrower

Euro Militaire 2001
Euro Militaire 2001 contest photos!

At last Updated! The report on Trucks 'n' Tracks 2000. Products from: Accurate Armour, DES, Resicast, New Connection, Scotia, Hornet etc.
Trucks 'n' Tracks 2000 show report

Merkava IIID at Eurosatory 2000 detailed walkaround
Merkava III D at Eurosatory 2000

Euro Militaire 1999 The contest
Euro Militaire '99 Contest pages

Euro Militaire 1999 The Products
Euro Militaire '99 Kits

Schwimmwagen Detail shots
Schwimmwagen Detail Shots

Euro Militaire 1998.  Including the contest pictures!
Euro Militaire 1998
Products and Contest

A huge Railwaygun in 1/35th!

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